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About me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Valeria Kondor. I am a full time artist. I paint, design and craft. I was born and brought up among the rolling hills of Hungary. Graduated from art college, majoring in visual arts and art education. Then moved to the capital, Budapest and joined the animation industry. Later moved to India to continue animation and worked in the production department of animation industry for 10 years. After my Son was born, I returned to full time art. Recently moved back to Hungary where I live and work now. 

I am greatly inspired by the symbolism of folk art, Indian architecture and design, Hungarian landscape and the idea that there is only a tiny gap between, even the subatomic, structures and all the elements are kept together by the strongest-unknown-but felt cohesive power. It is an amazing freedom within the structure.

I love to observe the communication of visual elements and I believe that everything reflects in us.

All my works start from a gesture laid down. This can be a searching line or a color patch marking an area. That breaks the virginity of the white paper or canvas, then I let it make its story or create its life.
Simple symbols like circle, line, dot, plain or designed surfaces get into life and gain personality. I like subtle differences between surface treatments and color shades.
I like to let the viewer finish the stories so I keep my paintings open. It is not really a conscious stop before the end but the need of air, space and possibilities.

When the emotional abstract made it through, I relax my brain and emotions with clean cuts, defined shapes and functionality of the paper craft works.

         Thank you for visiting and do get in touch if you have anything to say or got any question!

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